Inner Garden


A Retreat of Serenity

By allowing you to recharge in tranquility,
instead of tapping and swipping on social media, 
Inner Garden creates a seclusion for quiet and solitude,
on a device with you all the time.




Rest Your Body

No need for touching the screen. Your garden feels your concentration.
And it becomes alive — the lotus flower blooms, the snow melts,
the incense stick burns, the fallen umbrella levitates…
In a few seconds, your mind controls the experience, not your fingers.




Doses of Emptiness

 It could be a ride on the subway, a grueling long flight,
waiting at bus station, a stressful working break, an overwhelming meeting,
a troubling relationship, a sleepless night, or just a moment for a bit of zen.
 Find one of the 12 meditative yards to escape into,
and leave yourself alone in a the serenity of your internal garden.